Hydra Roller 64 Gold Needle

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Hydraroller Needle 64 Gold Needle with a built-in container for serum and with a head with micro-thin needles. The head is helical to allow the serum to flow easily into the skin. Compared to a regular skinroller when you have to apply serum before/after treatment, but with hydraroller it automatically happens through the whole treatment which is extremely smooth and effective!

Hydroller is made with a new thinking "all in one solution" instead of having to apply, roll and reaply, all this happens automatically with Hydraroller. Hydraroller treat areas such as sagging skin, rejuvenation, acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, reducing pore size, sun spots and pigment spots.

  • 64 microneedles
  • Length of needles 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm.
  • The thickness of the needles can be compared to a thin strand of hair
  • Needle Material: Medical Stainless Steel (Gold Plated)
  • Comes in sterilized packaging
  1. Clean the skin.
  2. At the first use, the roller is sterile and can be used directly.
  3. Fill the container in half with serum/cocktails. During treatment, there will be a few drops. After treatment, you can gently pat the remaining products into the skin.
  4. Scroll back and forth "Important! Nice and straight rolls".