Electroporation Needle System EPN

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Elroproporation Needle System EPN uses a new technology that combines microneedling and electroporation to lock down serum or NCTF in the skin and the cells, in other words a much more effective machine.

How does Electroporation work?

Electroporation involves the fact that serum/NCTF ends up in an electric field, which opens up temporary cavities in the cell's membrane, where serum/NCTF can pass in to the cell in connection with microneedling. A unique process that will produce incredible results.


Speed: 3 settings - 4000 / min, 4500 / min, 5000 / min.

Needle size: 0.1mm-2.0mm

Needlehead: 9 needles in the head

Electroporation: 5 levels

RPM: 1: 4000/2: 4500/3: 5000

See the movie for more information: